At Pure Scot, we like joining forces with brands that share our values and we are proud to team up with The Hidden Sea Wines in their Ally program.

The program is a way to build and connect a community of like-minded individuals and businesses who have a genuine care for making the world a safer. greener. more sustainable place. 

The Hidden Sea is a premium wine company making wines that matter, for people who care. For every bottle of The Hidden Sea consumed, we have partnered with ReSea Project to remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles from our oceans. And for every 60 plastic bottles (1 kg) removed, ReSea project pays local workers 75% more than their country's national average wage, significantly raising their standard of living. Head to our website to track our progress towards our goal to remove and recycle 1 BILLION plastic bottles from our world's oceans by 2030. 'At The Hidden Sea we are not creating another drinking moment, we're creating a movement.' says Crystal Evans, The Hidden Sea Marketing Manager. 


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