Top Australian free surfer and environmental advocate, Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich will join forces with its team to support a series of ongoing eco actions.



After connecting at Pure Scot’s bushfire relief fundraiser in February this year, which raised over $280,000 for Greening Australia, Pure Scot’s owner David Prior and Rasta instantly bonded over their passion for environmentalism and their love of the ocean.

By collaborating with Pure Scot, Rasta sees his involvement as an opportunity to find new stories to tell and support various environmental initiatives, which is a sentiment echoed by Prior.

“I’ve long admired Dave, for his effortless surfing but mostly for his unwavering commitment to the environment. Dave refuses to accept the status quo, an attitude that aligns perfectly with the essence of Pure Scot and the actions of the Prior Foundation,” said David Prior, philanthropist and owner of Pure Scot.

With its Distillery in Scotland already operating plastic-free, the Pure Scot team is passionate about its position as a sustainable and environmentally responsible business and, with Rasta’s support, will further its mission to drive greater ecological awareness and positive action within the community.

With their shared values, Prior and Rasta appreciate the key to success in preserving Earth’s natural wonders is finding the delicate balance between human connection and ecological impact.

“We want to be part of the story we’re living in; we want to do good, and in that sense, partnering with Pure Scot means turning motivation into action.” said Rastovich.

“’Sustainability’ is a marketing buzz word that’s become hard to define. For me, it comes down to a balance between human experiences and ecological encounters. Surfing for example, is more than just a sport or an adrenaline rush – it’s a humbling, holistic and meaningful experience that goes beyond the board.”

A passionate surfer himself David Prior founded the Prior Family Foundation (PFF) in 2015, a not-for-profit organisation focused on supporting various causes that encompass preservation of culture, wildlife and the environment.


Pure Scot’s mission is to create an enduring legacy of positive impact for future generations.

We are not your average blended Scotch Whisky. We are independent, inspired by nature, passionate and committed to fighting for our environment. Pure Scot commits to giving 1% of its annual sales to various environmental initiatives as part of the 1% For The Planet program.