Angus Stone - Pure Scots New Creative Director

Aussie-owned Scotch Whisky, Pure Scot announced this week that internationally renowned Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone, will join the Melbourne based team as their Creative Director.
Stone, who recently released a new album ‘Life is Strange’ with sister Julia Stone and has a new album ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’ set to release on 12 November under his Dope Lemon moniker, is an avid Scotch Whisky drinker and will help Pure Scot team to create a limited-edition capsule titled Pure Scot Creator Series.
When sitting down to chat with Pure Scot founder, David Prior, Stone remarked “Scotch is a special moment in time. Whoever you’ve chosen to drink it with is a special one and there’s something cool about that.” said Angus.
On the partnership with Pure Scot, whose brand mantra is ‘life in flow’, Stone said, “This feels it’s in its right place and it’s in flow. For me, whisky is a time for me to reflect after a show, to take a moment by myself with a Scotch and think about the night.”
Stone and Prior share mutual values for conservation and environmentalism, with Stone hosting fundraising campaigns to protect the Great Barrier Reef, and Prior leading the Prior Family Foundation which supports various initiatives such as Wildlife Warriors and Greening Australia.
The Pure Scot Creator Edition made in collaboration with Angus Stone will be released in early 2022.