Join Dave Rastovich and Pure Scot as They Help to Protect Our Great Barrier Reef

With more understanding of the reef comes the ability to help save it, and you can help.

There’s no doubt that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the planet’s greatest natural treasures. However, the threat posed by global warming, rising ocean temperatures and increasing oceanic acidity threatens to wipe it out.

Sadly, there are parts of the reef that have already been lost, but not all of it. You see the reef is big. Really, really big. There are over 4000 individual reefs in all and getting up to date information on the status of those reefs and learning more about them is the biggest tool we have in their future protection.

It’s a mammoth task. And that’s where the great Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’s Reef Census comes into play. They are utilizing people power to help get the job done. Every boat on the reef and every visitor can become part of the census as a ‘citizen scientist’ by taking photos and footage of the parts of the reef that they visit. The hope is to deliver vital insights for the conservation of this iconic ecosystem but to engage the global community in the future of the Reef through education, storytelling and action.

In 2021, Australian-owned Scotch Whisky Pure Scot aims to raise $100,000 to support the conservation organisation to map a further 100 reefs as a part of its ongoing commitment to championing environmental initiatives close to home.

As part of the $100k for 100 Reefs campaign, Australians in QLD, NSW and WA will be able to donate their 10-cent return on any eligible container directly to Citizens, and furthermore, Pure Scot will match it by donating 10 cents from every one of its canned cocktails sold around the world until June.

On a recent dive at the Great Barrier Reef with the team from Citizens, Pure Scot environmental ambassador, Dave Rastovich had a chance to witness firsthand the impact global warming and rising sea temperatures continues to have on the reef.

"An organisation like Citizens continues to lead the way in working to help this unique and irreplaceable bionetwork survive and thrive; not only by taking an intricate look at the health and state of the Reef but also by providing an access point for every Australian to participate in a community-lead effort to better know and protect it," remarked Rastovich.

Now, how can you get involved?

You can donate to Pure Scot’s 100k fundraising effort here

Or, if you’d like to get more hands-on with the Reef Census, then head over to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’s site here, and become a Citizen Scientist.

Originally published by tracksmag.com.au